Saturday, 24 December 2011

Behaviour Pt.1

Our apologies for the delay in providing this update.  We have been rushed off our feet with work in the run-up to the festive season.  Karen has been working on putting together a video sequence featuring some of the animal behaviour we witnessed on this safari but she has not had time to complete that, so rather than not having another update before the year end, we have brought you some still images instead.

This is just a tiny fraction of the behaviour we witnessed from the many animals and birds we met on this safari but hopefully it will give you a flavour.

Young Burchell's Zebra having a dust bath in the Mara
Large flock of Red-Billed Quelea drinking at a waterhole in Tsavo East
Maribou Stork catching fish at Ngutuni
Black-Headed or Village Weaver building a nest

Black-Headed Heron catching a lizard
Spotted Hyena keeping cool in the heat of the mid-day sun in the Mara
Not the most considerate Hippo mother - spraying poo in her bairn's face
Grey-Crowned Crane prances and dances to attract his mate
This Wildebeest was dead within two minutes of being caught by the Nile Crocodile in the Mara
Our final image in this update demonstrates something some of you may not be aware of about the enigmatic and elegant Giraffe.  This incredible animal looks like a giant ballerina; it is so graceful and gentle.  However, beneath that "classy-lassie" exterior is a seriously HARD beast!  Whilst the Wildebeest were wandering back and forward anxiously, looking to see if there were any crocodiles to worry about before attempting a crossing, the Giraffes took one look at the waiting Croc and just walked right over the top of him!

The lead Giraffe just stomped right over the Crocodile visible just behind the second Giraffe!

We hope you enjoyed this update and we wish you all a very happy and peaceful end to 2011 with our best wishes for a healthy and happy 2012.

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