Saturday, 24 September 2011

Day One - Getting there...

...or should we say “getting there...slowly!”

The flight from Aberdeen to Amsterdam Schipol was on time, though we were not impressed with the in-flight snack, which consisted of two slices of over-processed cheese between two slices of dry bread and a tiny glass of fruit juice.

Approaching Schipol, we passed over several large offshore wind-farms. It was no surprise to see more wind-power turbines on the land too; after all, this is the land of the windmill!

The airport at Schipol is huge, with a multitude of shops and restaurants to keep you busy but 12 hours in this place is too much for anyone...especially as it has taken us almost 8 hours to find free wifi!!!

12 hours in an airport makes Karen take silly photos!
Next stop Nairobi!!!

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