Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Something Extra

On this trip, we will only be visiting Kenya for two weeks instead of our usual three but we plan to squeeze even more into that two weeks.  We will still be visiting the same number of places; we've just had to trim a few days off the time we would normally spend in the Tsavos.

On previous trips we have had many close and magical encounters with wildlife, some of which we were not even aware of at the time.  We've had a male lion scent-mark our tent as we slept in Tsavo East, had Baboons try to steal from our tent in Tsavo West and in the Mara, we've had baby Spotted Hyena play chase around the guy-ropes as we tried to get to sleep.  If you followed our blog last year, you will also have read about our close encounter in the dark with a Leopard at Rhino Valley Bandas in Tsavo West.

This time we have decided to try and capture some of what goes on outside once we are safely ensconced in our tents for the night, so we are taking a Bushnell Trailcam that records HD video at night.

Our Bushnell Trailcam should give us a whole new perspective on camping!

 Hopefully we will have some fascinating images to share from the night-life around our tents.  Keep watching to find out!

Last year we snapped one of the poles on the tent we have been using for six years in Kenya.  The thought of replacing our trusty "home-from-home" did not appeal, so instead we got the pole repaired.  It was a pleasant surprise to find it only cost us £2, especially after the guy in the shop spent half an hour replacing the broken section and re-fixing the end-fitting.  Big thanks to Craigdon Mountain Sports in Aberdeen for a big value job!

We weren't quite ready to say goodbye to a much-loved friend

We fly out on Saturday, so look out for our first entry for this safari soon.  We will be using the same Safaricom dongle as last time but just in case we have a problem with the sim card, as it has not been used since last October, we have a backup plan to ensure we can still give regular updates.

If you enjoy our blog, please feel free to share with your friends and encourage them to contribute to the charity we are supporting, Save The Elephants.  Any donation, large or small, will help to continue their valuable work in preventing human/elephant conflict, educating people locally and internationally on the lifes of elephants and protecting the vital habitats they live in.  You can contribute by clicking on the Just Giving link on the right of the blog, or by clicking here.

...Kenya here we come!!!



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