Monday, 10 October 2011

Day Sixteen - Another tick on the list

When we decided to return to the Mara, we did so because we still did not have some of the iconic Mara images we wanted to take. We agreed at the start that the things we wanted to photograph most of all on this visit were a Wildebeest crossing and a full-maned male Lion. Well today started where yesterday left off because around 7.30 this morning we found not one but two big full-maned Lions!

Two Kings

Although the day did not continue in such spectacular fashion, we were able to concentrate more on taking shots of Giraffe, Elephant and various antelope, focusing on showing them in the landscape, rather than in close-up.

Elephant family near Oloololo

Giraffe in woodland

We also came across two Ground Hornbills fishing for frogs in the ditch beside the track. These amazing birds have a hierarchical society where only the dominant female breeds. Once females reach maturity, they are expelled from the group, so they actually mimic males to avoid expulsion!

Ground Hornbill hunting frogs

Towards the end of the day we found a dead Hippo being eaten by Crocodiles and spent the last hour of good photographic light trying to find the Lions again without success.

Crocodile does the "Death Roll" to tear a piece of flesh from the bloated corpse of a Hippo

We now have two more nights in the Mara and already we have succeeded in the photographic goals we set ourselves.

Finally today we have some good news and some bad news.

First the good news: we would like to thank Alex Ingram for donating to our fund-raising for Save The Elephants.

The bad news is that we received a message from Lianne last night to say that Bob, our 11 year-old ferret has died peacefully in his sleep. RIP Bob.

If you have enjoyed reading our blog, please consider making a donation to our chosen charity, Save The Elephants through our Just Giving page.

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