Sunday, 16 October 2011

Day Twenty Two: Back Home

We left the Backpackers at 5am yesterday for the Kenya Airways flight to Amsterdam.  The flight was delayed by almost 45 minutes, which we didn't mind, as it would shorten our stopover in Amsterdam.

We arrived in Amsterdam at around 4pm local time (5pm Kenyan time) and headed for the comfortable area.  The water-massage thingy was not operating but nearby, a young man was playing some popular tunes "elevator-music" style on the grand piano.  When he finished one medley, some people started to applaud so we politely added our own applause.  After the second, one woman applauded vigorously with a big smile and we realised that the lad's family were the group of people applauding his every effort.

After forty-five minutes of trying to watch Scrubs, playing silently with subtitles in Dutch, whilst being subjected to the monotony of the young man's piano-playing (interespersed with his mother's exuberant applause), we were starting to grow weary.  Thankfully the water-massage operator came back and somebody went on that.  The noise made it pointless to play piano, so the young lad stepped off for a break, much to our relief.

When the water-massage thingy stopped, another young lad went on to the piano and played a much better set of blues and jazz, played with real feeling and it created a great atmosphere for most people there.  The "elevator-music" lad and his family were furious, however, and shot the new pianist a gaggle of icy stares, before grabbing their belongings and storming off.  Everyone else in the lounge smiled at one another.
After five hours in Amsterdam we boarded our flight for Aberdeen and arrived just before 10pm Scottish time (midnight Kenyan time).  Lianne and Neil had turned up to meet us and gave us a lift home.  Not only have they looked after our house for us, cleaned, fed and entertained the animals and dealt with the death of poor old Bob for us whilst we were away but they brought us home to a fridge full of fresh food too.  We are so lucky!!!

Today we are washing clothes and starting to look through the images in more detail.  Tomorrow's post should be quite entertaining, as we plan to post a collection of out-takes and funnies.
Our safari is over but hopefully we have inspired some people to consider arranging their own safari in Kenya.

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