Monday, 17 October 2011

Out-takes & Funnies (Pt1)

Here is a selection of some out-takes, mistakes and mildly amusing images from among the 30,000+ images we took between us on this safari.

Ever wanted to know how an elephant scratches an itchy bum?

The Tsavo East Vervet Tag Team in training for Kenya's WWF season

Sometimes you're just too tired to shut your mouth after you yawn!

Autofocus is not always your friend!

Junior gets a shove to help him out of the waterhole

Zebras have an amazing ability to show their best side when presented with a camera!

Meditation in Tsavo East

It's a hard life being a wildlife photographer Jason!

Fine Tsavo dust gets everywhere ~ even the camera's shutter!

This poor guy got himself stuck in our sink in Ngulia Bandas and had to be rescued by Karen

Ever seen a speeding Leopard Tortoise?  This guy is up on two wheels!

"Has that bloke with the camera gone yet?"

Banded Mongoose lovers get caught out ~ Oops!

Dave modelling his new hat

Even the Elephants find some shelter in the heat of the day!

Next stop ~ cuteness!...

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