Thursday, 22 August 2013

DAY NINETEEN ~ Back to Nairobi

We got up early this morning hoping to catch some of the insects and reptiles around Hunter's Lodge before they were warmed up enough to be too fast to catch on camera. Unfortunately, none of them were up as early as us!  After breakfast we had a chat with the gardener, who has been brought in from one of the new owner's other hotels to completely overhaul the gardens and he is doing a very good job. We then drove to the Backpackers in Nairobi, had a shower, some lunch and settled down to finish updating the blog...

We have not had time to decide what we will do in Nairobi tomorrow, which is our last day as we fly home on Saturday.

Once again, Kenya has amazed, enthralled and surprised us in so many ways and we are already thinking about next year's safari.

Our apologies for the delay in getting the blog to you on time but we hope you have enjoyed reading it and that if you have enjoyed it, that you will consider making a donation to our fundraising for Save The Elephants through our "Just Giving" page.

Look out for more photos, videos and anecdotes from this trip in the coming weeks...

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