Thursday, 22 August 2013

DAY SEVENTEEN ~ Who'd Be An Aardwolf?

We decided after breakfast today to explore the river circuit at Ngutuni as some American students we spoke to at dinner last night told us they had seen Cheetah along there. We had not gone far along the route when we came across a pair of Aardwolf locked in a sexual embrace...literally. Like all canids they lock together during intercourse and can remain locked for some time afterwards, we waited for around half an hour but the pair were still immobilised by their copulatory clinch.

The ecstasy and agony of Aardwolf love.

We left them to it and carried on along the circuit Along the way we found another Aardwolf; it was amazing to think that we had never seen Aardwolf before and yet we came across three in one day. When we came back round an hour later the amorous pair were still imprisoned by love; by now they were starting to look a little fed up with the whole experience and somewhat knackered! We bade them fair well and went back to the lodge for lunch. We were surprised to find that we were the only residents for lunch in the lodge, although there was a small touring party. We debated having a second game drive after lunch but as this is our final day of luxury on the trip, we elected to spend the time watching wildlife on the waterhole from our balcony. Some of the more unusual visitors this afternoon included; a female Ostrich who was naturally very wary of the Elephants as she came in to drink, later a large gang of Banded Mongoose invaded the waterhole at speed, leaving just as quickly after a brief visit.

Aardwolf number three.

Mrs Ostrich is very wary of the Elephants.

But she does eventually get a drink.

Tomorrow we head for the KWS campsite at Kiboko near Hunter's Lodge, where we will spend one night in the tent before heading to the Back-packers in Nairobi.

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