Thursday, 22 August 2013

DAY SIXTEEN ~ The Downside of Upgrading

The day began with a lovely breakfast followed by a drive around the Ngutuni Sanctuary, we saw plenty of Elephant, Zebra and Giraffe, we also managed to take picture of the lodge with wildlife in the foreground from the track that runs along the Tsavo East National Park boundary with Nugutuni Sanctuary.

We had seen this huge bull dominating the waterhole but it was nice to meet him up close.

Giraffes and Ngutuni.

We planned a second game drive for after lunch to explore more of the sanctuary but had to change our plans when the laptop refused to download any more files, with a full hard disk! It seems there is a downside to these super-duper twenty four megapixel cameras; we had to spend the afternoon transferring five hundred plus Gigabytes of image files to a back up hard drive and rebuild the Lightroom catalogues, which took us until well after dinner.

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