Wednesday, 14 August 2013

DAY TEN ~ Elephants can climb mountains

At breakfast, John came over and told us that Towet, the Masai Askari, would like to take us on a longer bush walk than the one we did a couple of years ago, so we jumped at the chance. We headed up into the Ngulia Hills behind the Bandas. We stopped briefly on the rocks we had photographed the bandas from in 2011and carried on up. Along the way we found evidence of Lion, Hyena and Leopard, plus the skull and some of the vertebrae of a Buffalo that had been killed by a Lion.

Amazingly, we could see Elephants climbing the hills further along and they were higher than us! At times it was a steep scramble over the rocks but each time we came across Elephant spoor, as proof they had climbed this far, we were amazed at the climbing abilities of these agile giants. John said that sometimes during the rainy season, some of the Elephants prefer to climb to and stay at the very top of the Ngulia Hills, rather than risk getting bogged in the mud in the valley below.

Elephants climbing in the Ngulia Hills

Dragonfly in a cave spring high in the Ngulia Hills that supplies water to the Bandas

Towet, Howard and John at the cave

John, Karen and Towet high above the Rhino Valley 

We got back just in time for a shower before lunch and spent half the afternoon photographing some amazing birds around our balcony before taking another drive along to Kuldip's Ponds.

We'll need to look this gorgeous fellow up in the bird book when we get home

Another to look up at home

One more for the bird book

Another to look up

Lilac-Breasted Roller

Great Egret

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